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    Dr Tanveer Ahmed is an Australian based psychiatrist and author who has involvement in the media and politics. He is an elected councillor at the City of Canada Bay. He appears in various media, most commonly regular contributions to Channel 7′s Weekend Sunrise and columns in the Spectator Australia. He has previously had regular columns in national newspapers, undertaken international news stories and co-hosted a prime time gameshow. His migration memoir is titled “The Exotic Rissole.” He lives in Sydney with his wife and two daughters.

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  • Psychiatry

    Dr Tanveer Ahmed is a consultant psychiatrist. He received his medical degree at the University of Sydney and trained as a psychiatrist throughout New South Wales. He is expert in the full range of mental disorders and also undertakes medico-legal work both in a civil and criminal capacity.

    A GP referral is required prior to an appointment.

    For bookings, Hills Clinic, 15-17 Memorial Avenue, Kellyville NSW.
    Ph 88670524

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    Dr Tanveer Ahmed is a dynamic, broad thinking psychiatrist who also has
    experience in entertainment, journalism and politics.

    He is a psychiatrist who works in both urban and rural areas specializing
    in transcultural, adolescent, anxiety and forensic related issues in mental

    He is a published author and his memoir of migration and medical training
    is called “The Exotic Rissole”. He is a regular media commentator appearing
    across Channel 7 on Sunday Night, Daily Edition and The Morning Show. He
    has also appeared on ABC’s Q&A, 7:30 report and Lateline. He has previously
    been a columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald focusing on mental health
    and social issues.

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