Psychiatrist and Journalist

  • Biography

    Dr Tanveer Ahmed is a Sydney based psychiatrist, author and media

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  • Psychiatry

    Dr Tanveer Ahmed is a consultant psychiatrist. He received his medical degree at the University of Sydney and trained as a psychiatrist throughout New South Wales. He is expert in the full range of mental disorders and also undertakes medico-legal work both in a civil and criminal capacity.

    A GP referral is required prior to an appointment.

    For bookings, Hills Clinic, 15-17 Memorial Avenue, Kellyville NSW.
    Ph 88670524

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  • Writing

    Tanveer Ahmed is the author of migration memoir “The Exotic Rissole”, former columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald and writes for a range of publications.

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  • Speaking

    Dr Tanveer Ahmed is a dynamic, broad thinking psychiatrist who also has
    experience in entertainment, journalism and politics.

    He is a psychiatrist who works in both urban and rural areas specializing
    in transcultural, adolescent, anxiety and forensic related issues in mental

    He is a published author and his memoir of migration and medical training
    is called “The Exotic Rissole”. He is a regular media commentator appearing
    across Channel 7 on Sunday Night, Daily Edition and The Morning Show. He
    has also appeared on ABC’s Q&A, 7:30 report and Lateline. He has previously
    been a columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald focusing on mental health
    and social issues.

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