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Dr Tanveer Ahmed is a psychiatrist and author. He works in private practice at the Hills Clinic, a public facility at Bankstown Community Health and visits jails for forensic assessments. He is the author of two books, The Exotic Rissole and Fragile Nation. He has had various roles in the media, in both print and broadcast. He has sat on multiple Boards and held elected office. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Sydney, Australia.

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Dr Tanveer Ahmed is a generalist adult psychiatrist who sees a broad range of patients. He works in private practice at the highly regarded Hills Clinic , which includes an adolescent unit...


Dr Tanveer Ahmed is the author of two books. The first is a migration memoir called “The Exotic Rissole” published by New South in 2011. The most recent is “Fragile Nation” about the...


Dr Tanveer Ahmed is an accomplished speaker and facilitator.


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