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Recent Activity#1

Doctor’s notes
Recent Activity#2

How reliable is our memory?
Recent Activity#3

Feeling the guilt
Recent Activity#10
German Pilot Suicide
Recent Activity#11
Lynched by the feminist mob
Recent Activity#14
What’s your fear? – audio player
Recent Activity#15
Discussion Radio 2GB about phobias with Chris Smith.
Recent Activity#16
Interview about perfectionism on Ch 7′s Daily Edition.
Recent Activity#17
Interview on ABC Radio National about trauma and work.
Recent Activity#18
Dr Tanveer Ahmed will deliver the keynote address to the Rural Doctors of
Queensland this 7th June, 2014.
Recent Activity#19
Sunday Psychology
Recent Activity#20
television clip on recent activities
Recent Activity#21
Discussion on Ch 7 about the phenomenon of “selfies”

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