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An expert in changing human behaviour and the inner conflicts and habits that hamper effective change, he applies his knowledge of individuals to the organizational and group sphere in a broad range of industries. He is an expert in the notion of adaptive leadership, a key skill in today complex environment. His broad knowledge base and experience give him unique insights into the problems facing today leaders.





Tanveer inspiring journey from a child of a Bangladeshi immigrant to become one of the more influential young men in the country is a great choice for an uplifting, motivational talk. His mix of career activities is unique. Furthermore, his engaging style and thoughtful but entertaining delivery make him very accessible. He is able to tailor his speech closely to the needs of your organisation.


Mental Health/Social Issues

Tanveer is trained as a psychiatrist, but his broader mix of activities allow him to speak of the wider significance of mental health and the social issues that overlap with it. His experience as a medical leader, journalist and columnist make him one of the more incisive social commentators in the country. He travelled to Pakistan in 2009 through AusAid to promote the social awareness of violence against women.


Tanveer’s experience in television journalism, comedy and co-hosting a gameshow make him an excellent facilitator or master of ceremonies in any field.

Feedback from Clients

“I thought his presentation and MC role at the ALA(Australian Leadership Alumni) Conference was outstanding. He clearly understood the audience and issues. I think he connected with the ALAs and was able to respond to their questions and queries with aplomb. He was confident, skilful and responsive on some very challenging issues. I will be remaining in contact with him and looking for ways to engage him in my leadership work.”
Steve Hogg
Assistant Director
General Governance & Leadership Branch AusAID

“Tanveer gave us a fascinating talk relating his experience in mental health and human behaviour to the challenges of leadership in the modern workplace. I would recommend him highly.”
Alison Steele
HR Manager, Perpetual Investments

“In Tudor times, I would have been happy to call Tanveer Ahmed ‘a most excellent Fool’ – and in saying so, I would have been offering him a supreme compliment. Tanveer is a talented speaker with the rare ability to combine deep, intelligent analysis with sparkling good humour.”
Dr Simon Longstaff
Executive Director
St James Ethics Centre

“Now that we know you and how great you were yesterday, please be warned that you will be summoned all the time and I do really mean all the time. You are on the top of our list!!!!… I had received so many good comments about the panel discussion.”
Akiko Ono
Program Leader
Research National Breast Cancer Foundation

“An engaging and entertaining talk by a dynamic individual. Tanveer was able to draw on his broad experience and relate it to our event, which had a varied audience of all ages and backgrounds.”
Stephen Gallagher
National Events Manger, Smith Family

“Tanveer was both informative and entertaining, and kept the audience engaged throughout the entire presentation, which, from past experience is not easy to do. Based on the positive feedback that we received from all who attended, I would not hesitate in engaging the services of Tanveer Ahmed to present at another meeting in the near future.”
Anton Planting
Product Manager
Pfizer Australia

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